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Reaching Beyond

Mar 8, 2021

Kelsey Eyers is the CEO & Founder of Sweat CBD and her newest business vertical, BOSSBOXX. She is also and business mentor specializing in ecommerce and affiliate marketing, as well as, the host of a popular podcast for entrepreneurs, “Figuring It Out with Kelsey Eyers”. Kelsey grew and scaled Sweat CBD to a multiple 6 figure business in under a year and had helped other ecommerce businesses scale from $0 to multiple 6 figures in just a few months.

Her expertise on affiliate marketing was developed through building a successful affiliate program for Sweat CBD and scaling that to 70 affiliates in the first month.

BOSSBOXX is Kelsey’s newest venture in her business portfolio and will bring aspiring entrepreneurs an expedited, done for you, online business, helping them to avoid wasting valuable time and money and fast track their way to creating revenue with their online business. 

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