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Reaching Beyond

Mar 22, 2021

Anthony Trucks is a former NFL player turned transformational identity shift coach.

At the age of three years old Anthony was placed into the foster care system. For years, he spent every day in survival mode, just trying to make it to the next day, week and year in one piece.

He was offered a full ride scholarship to the University of Oregon, and achieved the ultimate goal of going pro in the NFL. By the age of 25, Anthony was on the he Pittsburgh Steelers roster, had a beautiful wife, a son and an even brighter future ahead.  

That all changed with a fluke shoulder injury.  Within 2 months Anthony went from the NFL to a personal trainer trying to make ends meet.  Through a season of business ventures, failures, a near bankruptcy, and struggle, Anthony started to make shifts.  The man you see today has been undergone transformation from within through identity shifts.  And that's what he teaches his clients!

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