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Guys Trip

May 24, 2021

It was 2am in the morning in the fall of 2014 when Ira accidentally landed on a skydiving video on the internet that took his breath away. Just a few short weeks prior, Ira found out that after 10 years of service he was being forced out of the Marine Corps. He had no idea what he would do to provide for his young family, he had no clue what his purpose was, and he had just hit rock bottom.

What happened that morning was a divine encounter with God where he gave Ira specific instructions to use the analogy of skydiving to teach the world how to dive for a dream that was bigger than themselves to impact the world. He told him to call it DreamDiving and in that moment his purpose was revealed. Now as a skydiver and as a visionary purpose driven entrepreneur (dream development coach, transformational speaker, and documentary filmmaker) Ira has dedicated his life to inspiring and equipping a new generation of aspiring and thriving world changers to do the unimaginable.

Ira and The DreamDiver Company staff have worked with 6 to 8 figure entrepreneurs & employees, NFL Hall of Famers, Grammy Award winning singers, Olympic athletes, best selling authors, elite military units and veterans, churches, colleges, and several other organizations to help them discover their purpose and dive for their most audacious dreams to impact the world.

Together we are on a global mission to inspire purposeful living and audacious DreamDiving through everything we create and every person we meet.

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