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Guys Trip

Dec 27, 2021

Michael has close to twenty years of experience in the construction management industry. He has served as Senior Project Manager for several of the nation's largest builders, including Skanska and Hunter Roberts Construction Group. He has been responsible for the overall success of projects in excess of $162 million in contract value, most notably Red Bull Arena, in Harrison, NJ ($162M), and the Conrad Hotel in Battery Park, NYC ($120M).  In his career, Michael has successfully completed over $564 million dollars of residential and commercial projects.

Michael is a graduate of East Carolina University with a BS in Construction Management and has taught as an adjunct instructor at NYU's Schack Institute of Real Estate. He resides in Monmouth County, New Jersey with his wife Erin, son Nolan and daughter Ryan.

Having just completed the 29020 summiting experience, we had conversation that was fresh around living a full life and the importance of creating experiences.

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