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Reaching Beyond

Aug 31, 2020

Ken Coleman is the nationally syndicated radio host of The Ken Coleman Show and #1 bestselling author. He has been featured in Forbes, appeared on Fox News, Fox Business Network, and the Rachel Ray Show. Since 2014, he has served at Ramsey Solutions, where he offers expert advice to help thousands of people every day discover what they were meant to do and how to land their dream job.

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Episode notes:

2:46 - Get to know Ken
5:53 - Why do 70% of people say they are completely dissatisfied with work?
10:15 - How to help our youth discover what they were made to do.
15:38 - "I don't have passion for my work, but I don't know what else to do.  Help!"
20:37 - Humble beginnings; does that mean I have to take a step back if I career transition?
25:26 - Work-life balance and burn out.