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Guys Trip

Nov 23, 2020

Chris and I connected through Instagram and we quickly became fast friends and supporters of each other.  You'll enjoy his positive mental attitude and approach and will learn how to strengthen yours too!

We talk about:
- why is positivity such a pillar in your life and business?  where did that come from?
- where are you challenged to stay positive right now?
- is positivity something people just have or can one grow in their ability to be more positive?
- how have you had to pivot and adapt your business in 2020?

Guest bio:
Christopher J. Wirth is the founder and president of No Quit Living.  As a professional speaker, author, coach and trainer, Christopher works with individuals, sports teams and corporations to help improve accountability, effectiveness, and efficiency through his process – “The Positive Mental Advantage.” 

Christopher is the host of the No Quit Living Podcast, which has been rated as a top 50 Podcast on iTunes in three different categories: Business, Health, and Self-Help.
He is also the founder of The Positivity Tribe, a coaching, speaking and training company that focuses on working with schools, sports teams and organizations looking to adopt both a Positive Mindset and Positive Advantage. 

His first book titled “The Positivity Tribe" was recently published.
He has three children, Zachary, Emily and Mason.

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