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Guys Trip

May 25, 2020

"If you don't allow failure to stop or define you it'll be the greatest teacher in your life."

Episode 27 guest is Shaun Peet.  He's a former pro hockey player turned NASCAR pit crew coach.  How he went from THAT to THAT is a fascinating story.

There's so much value and humor packed into this conversation that you'll want to take notes.  Feel free to connect with Shaun through any of the following ways:

DECK leadership on Instagram:

For more on the new book he co-authored check out:

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Episode Notes:
2:52 - Get to know Shaun rapid fire questions.
6:45 - Shaun's work as pit crew coach.
9:08 - The professional journey from high school to current day.
13:06 - His formula to help determine your calling.
14:10 - Encouragement and advice for anyone looking to develop a 2nd half career.
16:34 - How hockey informed him and set him up for success now.
17:05 - Shaun's greatest failure story (this is SO GOOD).
21:00 - Proving someone wrong vs. proving someone right.
23:34 - A week in the life of a NASCAR pit crew coach.
27:52 - Pit crew recruiting criteria (hint: it's not what you think).
33:25 - What people ask that he wishes they wouldn't ask as much.
35:20 - What people don't ask that he wishes they would ask.
37:24 - How speaking at the NFL combine opened up new opportunities. 
44:20 - 12 Second culture, his new book.
47:58 - Shaun's TED Talk (if he had to give one).