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Reaching Beyond

Jun 7, 2020

Annica Torneryd is the creator of the transformational coaching program "Own Your Life" and host of "Own It - The Confidence Podcast".  She brings a unique combination being a former kickboxing champion, the experience of extreme burnout, having 3 babies in one year, diving into single parenthood, launching her own business, writing and self-publishing several books (including an Amazon bestseller) and an international keynote speaker!

She's loves sharing lessons learned from starting and building a business in a foreign country in a real, honest and entertaining way to inspire, empower and encourage others to become everything they wish to be!

Annica will reach out and touch your heart and grab you by the hand, giving you the courage to believe you can do it!

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We talk about:
4:55 - Get to know Annica
12:15 - Annica's work 
14:30 - Her journey and the catalyst that led her to where she's at now
19:28 - Coaching for someone who is in a career that is draining them and unfulfilling
25:15 - Early struggles from starting something new
34:20 - Common limiting beliefs and how to get beyond them
40:15 - Balancing everything in life
47:50 - What being a mom has taught Annica
52:18 - Kickboxing champion
58:00 - Something Annica has always wanted to do, but haven't gotten around to yet