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Guys Trip

May 4, 2020

Alex is a storyteller, here to create the moments that shape our world.  As a keynote and workshop speaker, he can often be found sharing about confidence and purpose, Generation Z, or Making Speaking Magical.  

He was a youth pastor for 12 years, a leadership facilitator, young adult researcher and has a Masters in Theological Studies.  

Alex is now serving people as a confidence coach, podcast host, and the Founder of Gen Z Matters.  In the few moments of spare time, he's living his dream as part-time commercial actor in Toronto, raising 3 Gen Zs at home with his wife Karen.

For more information on Alex, check out his website at

And on Instagram

For more information on Kyle, check out his website at

And on Instagram

3:24  Rapid fire get to know Alex

10:35  The work Alex does

13:16  Alex's journey leading up to now

20:34  What made Alex keep going after failing

23:40  A process for connecting the dots in your life to design a second half career

29:22  How to develop and tell your story

38:48  When past stories you tell yourself come up when trying to transform

43:16  Ways Alex boosts joy and coolness factors

46:25  Alex's TED Talk (if he had to give one)