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Reaching Beyond

Mar 15, 2020

Joey Speers is the founder of JSMedia, The Creative Rise Mastermind and the Walls to Hurdles Podcast.  As a 21 year old entrepreneur, he believes every wall in life is just an invitation to a better version of yourself.

JSMedia was started by Joey when he was 14 years old!  It's an agency that believes you deserve a problem solver, not just a creative.  Joey and his team have served YETI, UBER and Ford to name a few.

Bob Speers is a husband, father, and successful business executive.  He is an athlete who loves multiple sports and also passionate about inspiring and equipping others to live life to its full potential.  His efforts are focused in three areas: running a real estate investment organization, equipping global organizations to optimize the performance of their leaders and employees, and providing education and nutrition solutions for improved health and athletic performance. 

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