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Reaching Beyond

Mar 29, 2021

BabbleOnBrooke is an International Award-Winning Host, TV + Stage Actor and Fortune 500 Spokesperson turned Odds-Defying Warrior, Motivational Speaker and Blended Business/Life Coach (focused on Speaking, Social Media and Mindset). She is the ultimate hype person — creating supportive environments for audiences and clients to grow, believe in themselves, and have their voices amplified is one of her favorite things to do.

Following an accident nearly a decade ago, Brooke eventually became housebound for many years with a neck injury that severely impacted her breathing and speaking. This almost 10-year recovery journey, “From Hollywood To Housebound To Healing”, is something that has both changed and saved lives as she encourages others to keep going - exactly what “babble on” means to her. She has been recognized repeatedly for her advocacy in the world of Invisible Disabilities and Conditions and regularly reminds us that “When you wake up breathing, it’s a good day!”

Most recently, Brooke has become an in-demand Clubhouse Moderator (@BabbleOnBrooke) and enjoys leading rooms that allow others to be inspired (founder of "The Inspiration Station" club), share their stories or ask questions of experts they otherwise might never have access to.

If you would like to learn how to become a clear, comfortable and confident Moderator - along with a Clubhouse training AND tools to improve your speaking and leadership skills in general - check out her new course “Moderating Made Easy™️” at and join the “Moderator Membership™️” program for continued support!  

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