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Guys Trip

Dec 13, 2021


David Schoenecker has experienced success as an executive, entrepreneur, and business strategist throughout his career. Over the course of more than 20 years, he has taken on many roles—from collaborator to driving force—in initiatives that have generated tremendous growth for a number of exceptional organizations.

Starting his career as a sought-after business consultant, David channeled that entrepreneurial spirit into the founding and operation of KODA, a highly regarded branding and marketing agency. In his 14 years as KODA’s President and Founder, he also participated in a number of business ventures in aviation, luxury consumer goods, and online publications, earning several accolades from respected organizations along the way.

You'll appreciate his communication style which is both unapologetically direct and reassuringly diplomatic, and that is at the heart of the meaningful relationships he maintains with his peers.

Today, having guided Base Commerce through capital raising, M&A activity and due diligence related to the organization’s acquisition by a large, publicly traded company, David is turning his attention to other opportunities.

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