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Reaching Beyond

Feb 14, 2022

Michael Weaver is an author, podcast, entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of Weaver Sales Academy, a sales training organization for insurance professionals. 

He’s coached and trained thousands of insurance agents over the past 8 years, and one thing always stays the same — everyone wants to increase their profitability, have more time in their agency and in their lives, become even better entrepreneurs and make a positive impact and leave a legacy. That’s why Michael’s on a mission to share Weaver Sales Academy, responsible for $100+ million in insurance sales with as many people as possible.

Michael co-founded Weaver Sales Academy with his wife Courtney and they both firmly believe in the vision of creating the best community for insurance professionals. Weaver Sales Academy firmly believes in a holistic approach to your insurance agency and your entrepreneurial journey and has a team of coaches and professionals ready to assist you in an amazing customer experience and exponential growth both personally and professionally with WSA.

Michael and Courtney are avid travelers and adventurers and like to spend as much time outside as possible. When they aren’t living on the edge you can find them at their Midwest lake home with their two dogs, Rocky and Lola and one eyed cat, Phoenix spending time with family and friends. 

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