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Reaching Beyond

Aug 15, 2022

Adrian Koehler is a leadership engagement expert. He coaches executives and entrepreneurs in the art and science of personal engagement for themselves, their teams and clients in order to create new, unprecedented results and experience fulfillment in their work.

In the process of developing his craft he has worked in multiple contexts: Higher Education, Start-ups, Multinational Corporations, Small to Medium-sized Businesses and Healthcare. Over the last decade his passion for human performance has taken him around the globe to partner and serve organizations that are committed to being their best and making a difference in the world.

In this episode you'll learn:
1.  The unique inner framework of a high performer.
2.  Why work-life balance is a sham and what to focus on instead.
3.  The ugly truth about burnout.
4.  Tough love coaching for when you feel disconnected with work.

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