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Guys Trip

Jun 22, 2020

Kareen is the CEO and Head Strategist of Revampologist - a strategic growth consulting and coaching practice that helps thought leaders build 7-8 figure businesses with ease.  She has 15+ years of experience coaching C-suite executives to help them up-level their leadership stance, conceive and implement business growth strategies, and lead initiatives that result in high quality customer experience.

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4:30 - Get to know Kareen
8:49 - The work Kareen does now
12:35 - Identifying your zone of genius
21:22 - How leaders can create a thriving environment for their team
24:25 - Hitting a glass ceiling at work
31:00 - How to transition from corporate to entrepreneurship
35:14 - Integration of work and life, work-life balance, tradeoffs
37:00 - Kareen's schedule, activities and life outside of work