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Guys Trip

Dec 28, 2020

Jeff Forrester is a Christian, family man, author, coach and has over 30 years of professional experience in retail, technology, and healthcare sales, training, marketing, and leadership.  He recently wrote his first book “Unleashed Potential. Simple Steps to be the Best Version of Yourself.”  He currently lives in Orlando, FL with his wife Tammy and two children Deuce and Lorelei.

We talk about:
- A simple framework for how to get started writing a book. 
- Seeing the "ugly side" of entrepreneurship as a young kid impacted him. 
- How to use the knowledge you've gathered over time to convert into an entrepreneurial career.
- and much more!

Guest Bio:
Jeff was born into a family of business ownership. His great grandfather and grandfather established a car dealership in High Springs, FL that was the oldest Chevrolet dealership in Florida. Over 75 years in business as a Chevrolet franchise. His father and mother owned a toy store that was in business for almost 30 years, and his brother has a thriving consulting business.  Jeff has over 30 years of experience in transforming individuals into leaders.

His experiences have revealed the importance of self-discovery, self-motivation, and being an active part in his own future. These three things are the critical factors that led to his success and now he wants to pay it forward. Jeff is focused on encouraging and challenging those he works with to look inside to create their own path. Everyone has unleashed potential waiting to be tapped into and it starts with being intentional in putting in the work.

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