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Guys Trip

Jun 28, 2020

As a former professional baseball player and 20-year veteran of the health insurance industry, Andy has learned the significance mindset plays in achieving success.  Confidence, competence, and a clear course of action provide the roadmap for any successful journey.  

Andy has a passion to help people and companies break through the mindset barriers preventing them from reaching their goals.

Episode notes:
3:05 - Get to know Andy rapid fire questions
9:20 - Andy's story from high school to pro baseball
13:15 - From pro baseball to financial planning
15:00 - The story behind Andy exiting baseball 
17:45 - How Andy handled his childhood dreams being crushed
20:00 - The ONE question Andy gets too much about his pro baseball career
20:24 - The questions Andy wishes he'd get more of about his pro baseball career
22:30 - What Andy used to do if he was in a jam in his baseball career to shift his thoughts (and how you can learn from that)
24:00 - What Andy sees from a mindset limitation standpoint that stops many people
26:50 - How Andy has pivoted his business during COVID 19 
30:00 - Andy's new mastermind
32:39 - Andy's take on work-life balance
34:30 - Arguably Kyle's best question of the conversation!
38:17 - How to connect with Andy

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