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Reaching Beyond

Aug 24, 2020

Brooks Hollan is an experienced entrepreneur that created two multiple 7-figure businesses working 'behind the scenes'.  Now he runs a coaching program called "Into The Light" where he helps people come out of hiding, step into their gifts, and share them with the world!  His style of performance coaching grew out of helping other entrepreneurs and business owners overcome the things that were keeping them stuck in business, and in life. 

Brooks graduated from the United States Naval Academy and was a 2000 Olympic Trials qualifier in swimming. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife Natalie Jill, step-daughter Penelope, and golden doodle Flops!   

To connect with Brooks:
Website and current program "Into the Light"

To connect with Kyle:
Check out the upcoming Fall experience hosted at Pinehurst for high performing/successful men:  HERE

2:55 - Get to know Brooks
6:10 - Perception vs reality on Navy SEAL training
14:42 - Getting dropped 13 days before SEAL graduation and the 2 decade tailspin affect that had on Brooks
20:54 - Behind every business problem is an internal or personal problem
22:50 - Building up to Brooks' current program; "Into the Light"
27:20 - Connecting with Brooks
30:30 - Brooks' TED Talk (if he had to give one)
31:05 - The one thing Brooks would like to do but hasn't gotten around to yet.