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Guys Trip

Jul 12, 2021

Steve Valentine is the Founder and CEO of the Valentine Group.

He does more than buy and sell houses with his clients. With more than 20 years of real estate experience, he’s fanatical about handcrafting the right strategy for each client using his toolbox of absurdly effective techniques.
He out-right refused financial ruin to build a retirement-sustaining real estate portfolio of more than $15 million in value. A portfolio that is so diverse and has been so fun to create, he’s educating other’s do the same.
Steve has created a real estate business that encompasses all of today’s top strategies including traditional real estate, flipping homes, buying off market opportunities, building wealth for himself, his team, and his clients.
He's married to Wende who is also a general contractor and together they raise 2 teenage boys Christian and Chase.
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