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Guys Trip

Jul 31, 2020

My wife joins me on this episode to talk about the things we did right and the things we did wrong on this topic.  And we share how we would coach others as well.

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Jul 27, 2020

Throughout her 8 years of teaching and training to be a principal, Jenn always had that gut feeling that there was something more.  A stumble into entrepreneurship led to a life of freedom and a multiple 6 figure coaching business.  The foundation of her success continues to be built on her bulletproof mindset,...

Jul 24, 2020

You know that once a year merit increase we all get?  Maybe 3% or 4% if we get one at all.  And we should be grateful for it, don't get me wrong. 

But what if we gave ourselves a BIGGER increase?  What if we took control of our money?  This episode will likely challenge your belief system on how you handle money, maybe...

Jul 20, 2020

RT Custer is the co-founder of Vortic Watch Company.  They are a manufacturer of one of a kind wristwatches using antique American pocket watch mechanisms. 

"America wasn't assembled, it was built"...Vortic makes one of the only truly American made wristwatches.

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Jul 17, 2020

Hustle, grind and repeat.  

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood we stopped playing.  But play is an essential part of work-life rhythm.  There are many benefits to play as well.  If you're stuck, burned out, exhausted maybe you need to schedule PLAY into your routine!

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