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Reaching Beyond

Jul 20, 2020

RT Custer is the co-founder of Vortic Watch Company.  They are a manufacturer of one of a kind wristwatches using antique American pocket watch mechanisms. 

"America wasn't assembled, it was built"...Vortic makes one of the only truly American made wristwatches.

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Episode Notes:
3:13 - Get to know RT
9:00 - What is Vortic Watch Company
13:10 - One question that gets asked too much about Vortic
16:48 - One question that doesn't get asked enough about Vortic
22:20 - The magic of GOLF
23:45 - Taking a good idea and bringing it to life
29:30 - What does being a dad meant to RT and what goals he has for fatherhood
31:44 - Balancing everything in life and wearing all the hats
34:45 - The area of life that doesn't always get the attention you'd like it to
37:34 - The ANNOUNCEMENT!!!
41:41 - Connecting with RT