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Guys Trip

Sep 26, 2022

Billy Brown is a former professional golfer and member of the Oklahoma State University Men’s Golf Team. He is a 7
time club champion at Nashville Golf and Athletic Club. He was NAIA Conference and Region Coach of The Year at
Cumberland University. He is the founder of Investors Capital Group, a concierge loan brokerage service in Brentwood.
He is an experienced apartment syndicator, speaker and has also co authored two #1 Amazon best selling books. 

As soon as Billy became a dad, he realized how precious time was and that his competitive days in golf were over. Further,
finding time during the week to use golf for business was even more restricted, and hearing friends share the same
struggles, he knew he had to create a resource that would benefit families, business leaders and the avid golfer. With nearly
every club in the area full or about to undergo major renovations, golf has become a rare luxury.

After 5 years of researching other similar facilitates, he has created the business model that fits his vision. Billy is harnessing the power of Trackman Golf for the FIRST EVER state of the art virtual golf experience in the Nashville, TN area (Brentwood).

(If you are an Accredited Investor and love golf, there is an opportunity that you might want to consider if you listen in to this episode!)

To connect with Billy:
Golf Sanctuary

In this episode you'll learn:

1.  Billy's thoughts on the future of golf.
2.  The genesis of an idea.
3.  How to overcome heavy adversity.

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