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Reaching Beyond

Mar 18, 2020

Shane O'Rourke was inspired and challenged by the experience of meeting a young boy who was kicked out of school after losing his only pair of shoes.  He realized that this young boy was not only going to miss out on his only opportunity to receive an education, but also the majority of his food and nutrition that came from the school.

It only cost $5 to purchase this young boy a life-changing pair of shoes, allowing him to get back into school and access to proper nutrition for the entire school year. This fueled his passion for generosity and the desire to create a user-friendly, trusted platform, where ANYONE can bring healing to a hurting world. After returning home from Haiti, he founded Lift Up with the team in 2018.

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Tyler Layman has nearly 20 years of Residential Real Estate experience.  He found a passion to help people in any way he could.  Seeing someone become a homeowner just brought a love of helping someone achieve a dream! 

Now he has taken that passion to the next level helping advocate for people with unmet needs all around the world.  Tyler Joined the Lift Up team in 2017 and has already helped bring care and resources to people in need.

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