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Guys Trip

Jul 27, 2020

Throughout her 8 years of teaching and training to be a principal, Jenn always had that gut feeling that there was something more.  A stumble into entrepreneurship led to a life of freedom and a multiple 6 figure coaching business.  The foundation of her success continues to be built on her bulletproof mindset, specifically around money, and her relentless drive to impact people's lives.  She fully believes that every entrepreneur can own and live in their financial power.  Now, Jenn teaches entrepreneurs to grow their leadership, build a strong mindset and relationship with money, and incorporate intuitive strategies so they can create the impact they want, the income they deserve and the live they dream of!

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Episode notes:
3:46 - Get to know Jenn rapid fire questions.
9:54 - Jenn's career journey post high school until now.
12:14 - The decision to leave teaching/education career.
17:07 - In hindsight, Jenn would do these things differently during the transition if she could do it over again.
19:38 - How Jenn helps entrepreneurs grow their impact and income.
23:00 - Jenn's Impact Academy.
25:30 - Permission to pivot.
29:08 - Work-life balance and how Jenn approaches it.
33:35 - Jenn's TED Talk, if she had to give one.
35:51 - Connecting with Jenn.