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Reaching Beyond

Jun 1, 2020

Lawrence Gordon is a children's book author.  He's married with 3 children.  

Reading to your children is one of the best things we can do.  And Lawrence's mission is to influence males everywhere to read more to their children.

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Lawrence Gordon

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We talk about:
5:10 - get to know Lawrence
9:00 - humble beginnings; what it was like growing up in a single family home
11:20 - the role his upbringing had to help inspire his current mission and passion
13:39 - dream big but start small...the blueprint
16:30 - how to balance all the things you have going on
19:55 - how the workplace is going to change
23:34 - Lawrence's TED Talk (if he had to give one)
25:50 - stay connected with Lawrence
27:44 - SALE on Lawrence's book...Buy 1 Get 1 FREE